Gear up Early for Spring Sports with Personalized Clothing Labels and Bag Tags for Your Kid’s Stuff

Posted by Gary Goldwasser on December 26, 2013.

As we close out the Fall 2013 semester and enter into 2014, most parents who have young or high-school age kids involved in sports begin thinking about all the equipment and uniforms they’ll need to purchase for the Spring semester. This typically means a large investment that we, as parents, don’t want to see go to waste.

If your kids have problems with losing their stuff, or if you just want to help them keep track of it, then now might be the perfect time to consider purchasing a collection of our clothing labels or bag tags.

Our iron-on clothing labels are the perfect addition to your child’s sports uniform, and provide a unique way of distinguishing your kid’s personal items.  The labels can be uniquely personalized and are both durable and wash-proof.  These iron-on labels can be applied to all fabrics, making them a versatile addition to any type of material.

Beyond simply adding labels to your child’s sports clothing, we also have handy bag tags that are a great addition to any clothing or shoe bag your child may have. Our bag tags are made from durable plastic that’s built to withstand typical use. Bag tags can be personalized with sports-related designs, making them a stylish addition to your child’s sports bags.

The new semester will be here before you know it, so jump in before the craziness hits and customize your unique iron-on labels and bag tags today!

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