Bag Tags - The Best Way to Personalize Your Luggage

Bag Tags for kids, sports, and luggage

Looking for personalized bag tags that will last a long time?
Then you have come to the right place! Our bag tags are printed on the same material that credit cards are made of, so they stay looking good – trip after trip, and year after year.

The versatile identification solution for every type of luggage
Each tag has a strong plastic loop that easily attaches to any type of luggage. Our tags are perfect for identifying backpacks, laptop bags, pet carriers, and camera bags – every bag your family owns.
Why not create a bag tag that will stand out on the luggage carousel? Never have a stranger mistake your bag for theirs again!
Traveling with a sports team? Our sports tags will boost team spirit, and make it easy to keep track of team gear. Label Your Stuff has produced custom bag tags for college teams, little leagues, hockey teams, and even national networks.

Luggage tags as unique as your adventures
Generously sized, our bag tags have enough room to print the name or initials you specify on the front, and up to 5 lines of text on the back (optional). Use the back to print contact information, allergy alerts, or special handling instructions – even a personal message.
Personalize your tags even more with colorful images and backgrounds. We carry a generous selection of graphic designs, including special collections for kids, adults and sports teams. If you don’t find what you are looking for, don’t worry – we can provide you with a custom design.

Perfect For:

Children Adults Companies & Organizations
Diaper Bags Backpacks Camps / Retreats
Backpacks Gym Bags Tour Groups
Dance Bags Laptop Bags Conference/Seminar/Workshop Attendees
Lunch Boxes Pet Carriers Club Memberships
Musical Instruments Camera Bags Schools
School Bags Camping Gear Sports Teams
Sports Bags Equipment Cases Fraternities/Sororities
Strollers Luggage

You can purchase just one, or save 16% when you purchase 5 of the same bag tag.
1 Bag Tag - $5.95
5 Bag Tags - $24.95

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Please note we cannot guarantee bag tags against loss or breakage when used on luggage or bags subjected to travel baggage handling systems.