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Iron Them On Permanently in 10 Seconds, or Sew Them In if You'd Prefer. It's Your Call.

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Looking for Iron On Clothing Labels?

You've come to the right place! We can custom print your iron on clothing labels in one of two sizes: Small 2-Line or Large 4-Line. You can also personalize your own labels at a home whenever the need arises using our Blank Labels Kit.

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Label Your Stuff offers personalized, durable and washable clothing labels. These are the ultimate in personalized iron on or sew-in clothing labels. (It's the same label, you can use it either way).

Our name labels can be applied on all fabrics. Printed in black* indelible ink, that will not fade. Available in two practical sizes. Our machine washable safe labels are great for use in nursing homes.

Label Your Stuff provides iron-on labels, bag tags, waterproof labels and allergy Alert labels. Our iron-on labels are personalized with quality. We use a woven polyester fabric to ensure that the labels last long. The name labels can be attached using an everyday iron. Hold the label in place with a the hot iron for just about 10 seconds and the labels will be attached to the clothing permanently, staying in place for as long time. You can also sew on the labels with a few quick stitches to attach it as well.

Label Your Stuff’s clothing name labels can be customized with either 2-lines or 4-lines of text. Common information that is included is the name and phone number, but you may also choose to include more specific information. 

Use these name labels for clothes, outerwear, accessories, laundry bags, linens and more. Our iron-on labels can be used in daycare, school and camp and nursing homes as well. By using iron-on labels for camp and school your child belongings will be sure to come home with them and not end up in the lost and found. Many nursing home residents also buy iron on labels for their personal belongings as well.

*Please note theses label can ONLY be printed in black indelible ink - there is no other color available.

The labels are delivered to you in a perforated sheet - just pull them apart, no cutting needed.

Please note that full instructions for applying your iron-on name labels will come with your order - but if you have misplaced those instructions you can find them again on our Q&A page here.

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