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Waterproof Stick-On Labels

Waterproof Stick-on Labels are as much about Summer Camps as most items. However, they just don’t get the credit. Every Summer Camp will tell you when you register, that you must Label all your belongings. This might include water bottles, toothbrush and toothpaste. Maybe a lantern, or a flashlight. Even your swimming suit and cap might be a good thing to label with these stick-on labels. These waterproof stick-on labels come in several sizes and colors with fun icons to choose from.

After that great time at summer camp ends, then it is time to start thinking about back to school. Again, using Label Your Stuff’s Waterproof Stick-on Labels help prevent belongings from ending up in the lost and found box. These stick-on labels are good for crayon boxes, pencils, glue bottles and lunch boxes. With rounded corners to prevent peeling and a tough adhesive it makes them rather difficult to fall off.

Most people use these Waterproof Stick-on Labels for name and phone number information but, they are also used as a customizable label for special information as well. If you have a special event and need some personalized information to be place on a bottle or mug or hard plastic these stickers are for you. Other ideas for this popular stick-on labels could include spice racks, plastic food containers and golf clubs. Ever leave a golf club on the putting green before?

Label Your Stuff provides personalized stick-on labels that help save money due to less lost belongings. We also provide fast shipping. Your labels will arrive packaged and ready to starting labeling everything. You can use these in the microwave and dishwasher. Our rounded corners prevent peeling of the edges.

We offer mini stick-on labels, standard stick-on labels and shoe labels. and when you want something different we have that too.

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