Labeling Starter Combo Pack

Starter Combo Pack

Give your little ones all the help you can as they begin to make their way through the world. Make identifying their belongings easier by labeling EVERYTHING!  (Most child care centers and preschools require all belongings to be labeled.) This Starter Combo Pack is perfect for daycare, day camps and preschool age children.

A $45.85 Value - You save over 34% off the individual pricing!

The Starter Combo Pack contains:
• 50 small iron-on clothing labels (2” x 0.375”)
• Made from durable, allergen free, cotton/polyester blend
• Easy to sew or iron on
• Will adhere to any fabric*
• Labels are perforated for easy separation
• Color: White with black fade-resistant ink*

64 mini waterproof stick-on labels (1.813” x 0.5”)
• Adheres to any hard, smooth, clean surface
• Waterproof and weatherproof
• Dishwasher / Microwave safe
• Rounded corners prevent peeling
• Color: You choose

24 shoe labels (1.65” x 1.5" arched)
• 24 labels for 12 pairs of shoes
• Easily fits into insole of shoe
• Resists wear & tear, moisture and sweat
• Clear overlay to increase durability
• Pre-printed with “This shoe belongs to”
• Stays in place until shoes need replacing!
• Color: You choose

To order:
Just tell us your personalization preferences - up to 2 lines, 20 characters each. Then choose an icon for your clothing and waterproof labels. (Shoe labels don’t include icons.) Lastly, choose a color for your waterproof / shoe labels. (Clothing labels only come in white).

All of these items are made in the USA and we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee!
*Print colors may vary from black to dark gray.
Starter Combo Pack


Starter Combo Pack Starter Combo Pack