How to Apply Iron-on Labels correctly

Posted by Gary Goldwasser on March 31, 2014.

Here are some important rules for properly adding Iron-on labels to your garments.
Pre-heat iron to COTTON. Do not use steam. Wait till the iron gets hot.
Apply labels to CLEAN, thoroughly dry garments only. Iron-on Labels applied to soiled or damp garments will adhere properly. Wash new garments from the store first before applying Iron-on labels. Next cover Iron-on labels with a thin dry pressing cloth. Firmly press hot iron on pressing cloth for at least 15 seconds. Verify your application time and iron temperature. Next allow the garment to cool to room temperature. Try to lift the corner of the label with your fingernail. If it lifts, press for another 15-20 seconds of try heating up the fabric before applying the label.
Do not wash or dry garment for at least 24 hours after applying. Do not iron over the label once applied.
Taking these steps with help you keep your Iron-on clothing labels on your garments for a long time. To find out more about clothing labels visit


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