Personalized Book Labels for Kids

If your child's favorite book has ever gone missing, you know how important it is to label kids' books with their names. Our personalized book labels for kids make it fun and easy to do just that -- and lots more!

Our High-Quality Book Labels Are As Versatile as They Are Colorful

Here are a just a few more ways our book labels can help keep you and your kids organized (and your book collections intact):

  • If you regularly give books as gifts, why not order some blank book labels so you can add an extra-thoughtful touch to each one?
  • Personalized book labels make delightful gifts for any young book lover. And parents and teachers appreciate them as much as kids!
  • They are also beloved by children's librarians everywhere. Let us personalize these peel and stick labels with the name and address of your church, school, or public library.
  • Ideal for classroom use, and make delightful teacher gifts. 

Keep Track of More Than Storybooks

Use these durable peel and stick labels to personalize your child's textbooks, summer camp journals, scrapbooks, and photo albums. Remember, our ultimate mission is to keep lost and founds everywhere empty!

Ordering is Easy, See for Yourself Now!

  1. Choose your book label design from one of the two collections below: 1) Animal Kingdom, or 2) Fun and Fantasy (required). Each one is carefully curated for kids of all ages.
  2. Fill in the name of the recipient (optional)
  3. Fill in the inscription(optional)
  4. Complete payment and shipping details (required)

That's it. We can't wait to hear what you think of your personalized book labels for kids!